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Our fundraising is fueled by our passion to find CURES for blood cancers. Our teammates ride in memory and honor of loved ones. We ride in memory of many of those who we carry in our hearts. We also ride with those who are still fighting the blood cancer battle or have had the celebration of being declared in remission. Along the way, our team has earned the honor of naming LLS Blood Drop Awards for some of our honorees. A Blood Drop Award is earned for a team raising $100,000 or an individual raising $50,000 in a fundraising year. With your support, we will continue to add to our Blood Drop recipient families and honor their journey with cancer. 

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In Honor of...

Bill Corey

Ron Dickerson

Jennifer Elmhady

Aliza Ruiz

Bella Gonzalez

Pam Garcia

Dennis Bravo

Frank Amaral

Lewis Orr & Debbie Layton

Casper Noble Weeks

Jaeger Portscheller

Mark Rocha

Clara Chiesa

In Memory of...

Ellie Postma

Mr. & Mrs. Boyd

Randy Baysinger

Beverly Fernandes

Bernice N. Zahn

Bill Fores

John Nelson

Steve Kozlowski

Diane Strap

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