• Our third training day will be April 24, 2021 at the Islanders Field,   1051 River islands Parkway  Lathrop Ca 95330.   This is a new route none of you have ever ridden.   Arrive around 8am.  Be ready to ride and for a team meeting at 8:30am.   For the next few weeks, we will do “out and back”  (OAB) type rides.    The idea here is that each rider will ride out for 30 minutes or 45 minutes as they choose, at a pace that they can do for that amount of time.   At the end of each rider’s chosen time,  they will turn around and ride back to the start.  This approach allows riders to ride at their chosen speed and yet return at about the same time as everyone else.   I do not want you to go out and kill yourselves.  I am not training you to be racers.  I am training you to do distance riding.   AND I do not care at all how fast or slow you are, so do not worry about your speed…just ride.


·         Your Cue sheet and Ride map are attached. Be sure to print them both out before Saturday.   


  • Mid week training.  It is important to get in some training during the week if you want to be at your best.  Right now, most anything will help, spin classes, gym work, running and of course riding.  Anything that is getting in good cardio and good leg work is great. 


  • TIME TO START FUNDRAISING FOR 2021.  We STILL are off to a very slow start!


It IS TIME TO START YOUR 2021 FUNDRAISING efforts.      Our fundraising deadline for this year is June 6th, 2021.  We are still about $80,000 from reaching our goal and we only have 6 weeks left.   Your official fundraising page is already ready to go for each of you.  The easiest way to find it is to click on our Team209 page at Welcome to Team 209's 2021 Fundraising Page (      Then scroll down the right side and find your name.  Click on our name and there you are… your very own TNT fundraising web site.  You can customize it to say anything you want and to include pictures too.  Just go to LLS Fundraising and LOG IN, then click on FUNDRAISING PAGE  then MY PAGE.  Call me if you need help.  Click on my name on our Team 209 page to see how crazy you can get.


The fundraising minimum is $1500 for everyone (the sum of 2020 dollars raised plus 2021 dollars raised).    I would like to see everyone raise $1500 new dollars in 2021, but that is not required by LLS. 


So how do you get the word out and raise the money?

  • Check out the LLS fundraising toolbox at LLS Fundraising    They have some good suggestions and some sample letters etc.

  • Send out an email to everyone you know telling them what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Include a link to you fundraising page.  All they need is their credit card!

  • If you have done this before, send an email to everyone that donated last time.

  • Make posts to Facebook etc. with a link to your fundraising page.

  • Ask the people you do business with… you doctor, dentist, grocery store, bank, for a donation or better yet, to be a team sponsor.

  • If you are in business, talk to your suppliers about donating or being a team sponsor

  • Ask your employer for a donation.  So companies will even double or triple any money you donate.  Ask around.

  • Send out postcards to everyone you know

  • Send letters

  • Make phone calls

  • Make business cards and hand them out to everyone.

  • Put on some sort of fundraising event.   The  possibilities are endless.

  • Talk to other teammates for suggestions and ideas


Team 209 Fundraising Recognition:

  • TEAM 209 DOUBLE DOWN AWARD:   If you raised $1000 or more last year and you double it (or more) for 2021, you will be given a DOUBLE DOWN AWARD. Details to follow.

  • TEAM 209 RED BLOOD DROP PIN:  One given for every $1,000 you raise in 2021  


  • TEAM 209 SILVER BLOOD DROP PIN:  One given for every  $5,000 you raise in 2021 


  • TEAM 209 GOLD BLOOD DROP PIN: One given for every $10,000 you raise in 2021  


So as of today, Team 209 needs to raise $100,000 in the next 7 weeks as we drive toward our goal of $2 million raised by this team since inception.  We need to get going!

  • BRING A FRIEND!!!!   We still have LOTS OF ROOM for more riders, so if you know of someone; friend, family, co-worker, club member etc., let me know. I would be glad to talk to them about riding with us.  I am also always willing to come speak to an club or work group about what we do and why we do it.  Just let me know.


  • Follow our Team209 Cycle team on Facebook at  TEAM209 on Facebook  This page is important for knowing what is happening and for letting the team know what you are doing.


  • What the heck is SAG?  It is your best friend.  It stands for Support And Gear.   It is two things that will be there for each of you every Saturday.  First is a ROVING SAG.  Roving SAG it is a number of vehicles that will follow us around when we ride to help us in any way they can.  They let approaching cars know we are ahead and they will even pick you up and bring you back to the start of the ride if you or your bike are not having a good day.  We also have FIXED SAG.  Think of these as rest stops along the ride.  We try to put them every 15 miles or so.  They have food and water.  To make SAG work, we need your help.  We need volunteers from your family and friends to come out on a Saturday and helps us.  People can help us with SAG support by dropping an email to me at We really need your help.

We know this is a lot of information and actions.  We can any answer questions more on Saturday or email me back if something is not clear.



Well, I think that about covers it. We will see you on Saturday at River Island ball park   Islanders Field


We cannot wait!!!






Go Team!

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Melvin Bradley

TEAM 209 Area Head Cycling Coach & Team Manager

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | Team In Training  

Office: 209 848 1675 | Cell: 209 765 7009