2021 TEAM 209  TNT RIDERS:


  • Our 6th training day will be May 15 at Roberts Ferry School located at 101 Roberts Ferry Rd  Waterford. Arrive around 8am.  Be ready to ride and be ready for a team meeting at 8:30am.   This will be a 40 mile ride.  You are free to ride out as far as you wish and then turn around and ride back. There is an ice cream shop across the street after the ride!  Pizza and beer after the ride back in Waterford for those that wish.


    • Your Cue sheet / Ride map is attached. Be sure to print it out before Saturday.   


 To make SAG work, we need your help.  We need volunteers from your family and friends to come out on a Saturday and helps us.  People can help us with SAG support by dropping an email to me at We really need your help.


I will soon be sending out 3 more short emails on:


                Our end of season party – rsvp required

                Our proposed ride in Monterey – rsvp required

So keep an eye out for them please.


Well, I think that about covers it. We will see you on Saturday at Roberts Ferry School.