Team 209 COACHES CORNER WEEK 4   (trying to make it brief)



2021 TEAM 209  TNT RIDERS:


  • Our 4th training day will be May 1 at OBS. (YES IT IS May already)  Arrive around 8am.  Be ready to ride and be ready for a team meeting at 8:30am.   This will be another out and back ride.  You are free to ride out as far as you wish and then turn around and ride back.


    • Your Cue sheet / Ride map is attached. Be sure to print it out before Saturday.   


  • Mid week training.  It is important to get in some training during the week if you want to be at your best.  Right now, most anything will help, spin classes, gym work, running and of course riding.  Anything that is getting in good cardio and good leg work is great. 


  • We STILL are off to a very slow FUNDRAISING start!  So as of today, we have only raised $13,695 this year.  Team 209 still needs to raise $72,564 in the next 39 days as we drive toward our goal of $2 million raised by this team since inception.  We need to get going… PLEASE!


Your official fundraising page is already ready to go for each of you.  The easiest way to find it is to click on our Team209 page at Welcome to Team 209's 2021 Fundraising Page (      Then scroll down the right side and find your name.  Click on our name and there you are… your very own TNT fundraising web site. 


The fundraising minimum is $1500 for everyone (the sum of 2020 dollars raised plus 2021 dollars raised).    I would like to see everyone raise $1500 new dollars in 2021, but that is not required by LLS. 


  • To make SAG work, we need your help.  We need volunteers from your family and friends to come out on a Saturday and helps us.  People can help us with SAG support by dropping an email to me at We really need your help


Well, I think that about covers it. We will see you on Saturday at OBS






Go Team!

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