As you are all well aware,  TNT cycle training will not be our normal when it comes to 2021.    I would like to ask each of you to do lite to moderate training on your own or in small groups from now to around May.   There are a number of rides for you to participate in almost every weekday/evening and weekend of the week in;  Oakdale, Ripon and Modesto.  Getting on a spin bike once or twice a week is also great training.   No need to get crazy, just get in some miles every week for now.


Spend some time going through our Team 209 website Home | Team209 .  There is some good information on training and nutrition, clothing, bike maintenance etc. there.  It is worth your time.


Sign up for Strava.  It is a free app and it will show you what others are doing training wise. It may help you get connected.


Around May (or sooner) , my hope is that the virus situation will have improved enough to allow us to start training and riding safely as a TNT cycle team.  We will be training for a ride around Lake Tahoe in early September, or for the Lodi Wine Ride, or for the Napa Wine Ride, or for a ride in the Monterey area.  We are simply not sure right now.  We may even do more than one of these rides.  We will just have to wait and see what is possible and what the team wants to do when the time comes. One way or another, we are going to ride some bikes, have some fun and raise a ton of money!





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